Danni Washington | Science Communicator + Ocean Advocate

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This week, we’re talking to Danni Washington, the very first ever Black woman science TV show host 🎥  You’ve seen her on Emmy-nominated Mission Unstoppable, as well as on Xploration Station and all over the Science Channel.

She is the co-founder of the Big Blue and You (with the person who made her great, hint hint), a fellow University of Miami alumna, and our very first two-time guest, having been a part of the original WhoMadeYouGreat.com in 2010 (check out her first interview here!). You also may recognize her as the Mocha Mermaid.

We hit on so many gems in this episode, from the power of the divine feminine and operating from a place of love as opposed to fear, to the most amazing experience Danni has ever had with an ocean animal (a giant manta ray!). We talk about how Danni maintains her pace without burning out, and her best pieces of advice for people looking to come into their own. 

Thank you to Lionel T. Djaowe for our music. Find us on Instagram at @WhoMadeYouGreat.

Enjoy the show!

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