Suezette Yasmin Robotham | Champion of Diversity in Tech

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Our Episode 3 guest Suezette is an opener of doors and champion of Black and otherwise underrepresented voices across tech and business. Founder of #BlackTechBeauty, currently at Facebook, previously at Google, TEDx speaker, and 40 under 40 honoree, Suezette is a powerhouse and advocate for creating spaces for and fostering the confidence to show up as your authentic self.

We chatted about the difference between the confidence to speak in public and be yourself versus the confidence it takes to be vulnerable in our interpersonal relationships, the importance of watching her parents become good friends after they got divorced, and how her family owning the only Caribbean store in Roanoke, Virginia taught her to foster community. We also talked about having the right people around us, and how vital therapy is for becoming who you were meant to be.

Head over to @WhoMadeYouGreat on Instagram for more amazing photos of who made Suezette great – Olderine and the late, great Worrell. We also chatted about how one of the ways Suezette shows up as authentically herself is through her nails, so I had to gift you with some snaps of those, plus I included the photo Olderine had us take to make Suezette jealous.

You can find Suezette on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Thank you as always to Lionel T. Djaowe for our music! 

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