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Today we’re talking to Desi, the Brooklyn-based powerhouse, lifestyle creative, storyteller, and hospitality pro who believes you deserve to live well (and sets an amazing example of self-investment and self-love for you to follow).

She has a multitude of creative and business projects that support and advocate for Black, Brown, and other marginalized communities, and uses her skills to constantly uplift others. Be sure to check out her IGTV series Bomb Brands & Beyond, enjoy her #haikusinthemorning, and head over to for more gems.

In the episode, you’ll hear the story of how she first came to NYC at the age of 19 looking to replace Free on 106 & Park, and how she hustled her way back to thriving in Brooklyn.

You’ll also hear about Desi’s grandmother who raised Desi on the south side of Chicago. Jean was a powerhouse herself who had adopted Desi’s mother and aunt, learned to lead by example, and always kept Desi creatively occupied.

Thank you to Lionel T. Djaowe for our music. Find us on Instagram at @WhoMadeYouGreat. Enjoy the show!

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