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Transcript below:

This is the Who Made You Great podcast, where I talk with people who are great at what they do about who helped them get there, because none of us does this alone. I’m Lala Jackson. Welcome to the show.

If you’ve been here a while, you know that while the podcast is new, this project is not and past and current interviews can always be found at  

But because this podcast is new, wherever you’re listening, please be sure to subscribe, rate, and leave a review. This helps new people find the podcast and helps our stories reach and inspire more people, especially when we’re first starting up.

I’m going to be reading all of the reviews, so if you leave one that’s particularly clever or makes me chuckle, or makes me cry with gratitude – which is honestly not all that hard to do – I’ll be sure to share it here.

Also be sure to follow @whomadeyougreat on Instagram and interact with the posts. When I interview people I know personally, I promise to always dig up old embarrassing pictures of us. Interacting with a post is also one of the greatest ways you can support me and the show – follows, likes, and comments go a long way in boosting how many new people we can reach and inspire. We’ve got to work those algorithms. Thank you for your help.

Over the course of this podcast, I think all of you are going to realize something that I’m very lucky to know: I’m extremely fortunate to know a lot of truly great humans. This show will always be a mix of names you recognize out in the world – artists, business, people, visionaries who also enjoy fame from their work – and also a mix of the truly great humans who are doing mind-boggling work behind the scenes, without fanfare, who I also think you need to hear their stories too.  

I hope in these stories, you are not only encouraged by their greatness and those who support them with their whole hearts, but also see reflections of yourself. I am a true believer that we are each not only capable of greatness, but are likely already bringing a lot of great things to this world that we may not be giving ourselves credit for. I want this show to be a mirror for you. You wouldn’t be here listening If you didn’t have greatness in you too.

Major thanks to Ramon Brown for spurring the show to kick off again, all of the past and future guests of the show for being so generous with their time, Lionel T. Djaowe for my amazing music – I have a story I’ll tell at some point about why the horns in this track mean so much to me – and to all of you who are listening.

I’m a writer and wordy by nature, but I will never be able to describe how much it means to me that you take the time and give your energy to my work.  

Remember to subscribe to the show, follow us on Instagram, and always feel free to reach out with ideas, reactions, and praise. Especially that last part.

Talk to you soon. ❤️

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